May 11, 2006

Today the kids and I headed over to the Florida Aquarium here in Tampa. We have a membership that expires on the 14th and we wanted to make sure we got another visit in. Unfortunately today was field trip day for a bunch of the local elementary schools. There were groups of kids everywhere with very little adult supervision. It was really sad to see these kids going wild and the adult volunteer in charge of them (group of 5-10 kids) was talking on a cell phone totally not paying attention. We tried staying between groups so we weren't TOO overwhelmed. It did make Morgan realize how glad she is that she doesn't attend a school and have to deal with this. LOL! After a semi-quick tour through the aquarium we headed out to the explore-a-shore area. Thankfully groups can't go out there so the kids had some freedom, space and tons of fun. They wore their swimsuits so they could get completely wet. We spent a little time in the gift shop picking up a few items for my mom's fish bathroom and for Alex's new aquarium themed bedroom. He picked out a small stingray & baby sea turtle (both plush).

Morgan had dance tonight and the routine is coming along very well. They know the entire thing now and are just practicing and refining it. Trust me...refinement is needed for some of the girls. LOL! They are still cute and the routine is precious. Morgan didn't go to the photo session at the studio because we were camping so I took some pictures of her in her costume here. I'll get them up this weekend for sure.

Tomorrow science class and a library visit. My dad and stepmother will be in Florida this weekend & the upcoming week (I believe) so we are hoping to get in a visit with them next week. We are also seeing my friend & her family in Orlando. Yea! A busy week coming up. Corey has a comp day since he's on pager this week.

I can't believe it will be Mother's Day this weekend. I told Corey and the kids that I would be VERY happy with homemade cards and getting to sleep in...a yummy breakfast would top it off nicely. I don't want any gifts,etc. Save the money for our new house! LOL!


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