June 6, 2006

With all the dance recital stuff behind us the packing like crazy has begun. LOL! Yesterday I got 2 boxes packed in the kitchen and a lot of stuff sorted out. The kids got their car totes packed so we can work on getting their rooms done. Corey and I went through more stuff last night from the kitchen, pantry, hall shelves and the living room. Tomorrow a furniture consignment shop is picking up the dining table & chairs for us, Thursday is Morgan's homeschool evaluation and then Friday we are saying good bye to friends. The movers will be here sometime on Saturday...hopefully Saturday morning! We should hear from them soon with the time.

Yesterday the kids were horrible but today they are being good. Thank goddess! I tell ya, I know they are having a hard time dealing with it all but man it is hard dealing with the behavior. We did some talking, some screaming (unfortunately from me & them), and some quiet time to get through it. They got to watch Chicken Little and as he says "Today is a new day" and so far today has been. ;-)

I can't believe we are almost out of here! Wow.


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