June 3, 2006

Dress rehearsal and recital performance #1 was successful! Morgan and I got up early this morning and got her stuff all ready and her hair up in a bun (yea mom!). We headed out at 8am to be at dress rehearsal by 8:30. It was really fun getting to see the first half of the show (during blocking we only saw the second half because they split it up) plus seeing all the costumes. We finished up about 12:30 and headed home to do lunch with Corey, Alex and GC (my mom). Alex got to pick lunch since Morgan was getting so much attention due to the dance recital. We headed back up to the auditorium at 5:30 and performance started right on time at 6:30pm. The show was great, Alex handled it all very well until the *VERY* end (literally the last dance & some introductions & thank yous) and even then he was doing pretty good. Morgan's class did so good and they all looked like they were enjoying it (the most important part). I have a few pictures and will be taking more tomorrow. We didn't get home until just after 11pm because we went out afterwards. LOL! Tomorrow it will just be Morgan and me. The boys are going to hang out with my mom and then take her to the airport. She has to be at the airport before Morgan's done.

Gotta go get some sleep. But at least I don't have to get up early in the morning. Yeah!!


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