May 26, 2006

HOME OWNERS!! We are home owners!! Yes, it became official at 3:30pm Central Time on May 25, 2006. The Larabie Family has their first home that is all their own (well, ok we are sharing with the bank but ya know what I mean). We saw the house for the first time at 2pm and really liked it. A sigh of relief from my mom who was starting to feel a smidge of pressure that we just might not be completely happy with it. But we do so no worries there. Now to do all the new house things like get it ready for move in, think about paint colors for some rooms, removing wall paper from our bathroom,etc. Corey is actually at the house now waiting for the DirectTV guy. My mom and brother will be helping us out by working on our little "to do" list between now and move-in 2 weeks from now. Aren't they sweet? I have pictures but can't upload them to my mom's computer so everyone will just have to wait a little longer. The kids love their new rooms and the back yard. The family next door has 5 kids (the previous owner was telling us) so maybe some playmates there.

The next 2 weeks are sure to be busy. After we get back to Tampa we have Morgan's dance recital coming up next weekend and my mom will be flying down for that. And we have to finish packing, get Morgan's homeschool evaluation for the end of this year and get it sent off to the school district & close out our FL homeschool. The movers are scheduled for the 9th or 10th of June...we will know which in just a couple of days. And then a few days to get our stuff delivered to us.


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Congrats Kelly. I can't wait to see the photos!


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