June 20, 2006

Progress is being made. The house is starting to feel like home. Our new dining table and chairs were delivered today and we got to eat a nice home cooked meal (thanks Corey!) all at the table this evening. It was so nice. Ooh and as a bonus, Alex ate chicken without it being in NUGGET style. LOL! See...progress!

We got several boxes unpacked and broken down today, the kitchen is completely unpacked now and Morgan is almost unpacked. We still need to get her new dresser from my mom's house but for now we hung stuff up and put all her folded clothes on one of the many shelves in her closet. I got her homeschooling evaluation and our closure letter in the mail to Hillsborough County schools. So we are all set and clear with Florida on the homeschooling front. I also got the notice of intent to HS and attendance sheets for hs'ing in TN. I have to mail in the notice of intent to our local school district and I got their address this afternoon. That just needs to be filed by August 1st so no biggie. I also got a lot of work done on Alex's room. We are putting patches of sea grass around the whole room so I worked on that...from his dresser and around the dormer window area & back to his bed. I also drew the whale that he wanted on one of the walls by his dormer window. Tomorrow I am hoping to get the rest of the sea grass drawn and then do the sea turtles by his bed and the shark behind his door.

Morgan got upset with me today because I've been working on Alex's room and not her's. I told her that I thought she was working on it with GC (my mom) and she said she wants something special painted in it by me like Alex is getting. Ack! :-( I didn't know. So now I feel compelled to find something to draw and paint in her room that will fit into her theme and make her feel good. She has a backyard garden theme...her headboard looks like a white picket fence and she has picket fence wallies that she is going to put around the bottom of the walls. She has butterflies, dragonflies and fairies (all wallies & stamps) flying around her room. And she has flower wallies to put on. We have briefly talked about painting some flowers growing up behind the picket fences but I don't think that is what she is talking about from her upset conversation earlier today. Any ideas??

We are going to have a house warming / Fourth of July party on 4th of July. My goal is to be unpacked and have things settled by then. I know...a dreamer! But the way things are going with the unpacking I think that part can be done.


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