June 18, 2006

Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there!! We had a quiet day at home. I felt bad when I got up this morning...barely morning...because Corey had gotten up with the kids and they all let me sleep until 11am. Holy cow! LOL! I didn't think I was THAT tired. We got a few things unpacked, moved Parker bunny to where he will be living in our house (in the office & family room space), and received our new freezer. We played out in the backyard with the kids and Corey did a bit of pruning on some branches and bushes that were a little wild. LOL!

We just had a thunderstorm go through but we needed the rain so that's fine with us.

A very good friend of mine has had a tragedy in her family. Some family members lost their home & everything in it due to an electrical fire. Thank goodness they were away and no one was injured. Unfortunately they didn't have insurance due to a mix up and a very long illness. She is trying to help her family raise money to help get them back on their feet and they are presenting it on the couple's 58th wedding anniversary. Here is a link to her blog about it and a place to donate if you can or want to. Help Indigo's Family . Trying to replace my home and all the belongings with NO help would just feel impossible and add a long illness on top of it would just be too daunting to me. Please help if you can. Indigo is my friend that I was able to help out back when Alex wasn't even 2 yet. I kept her daughter overnight while her family was dealing with an emergency illness while out of town. Indigo and I hadn't even met yet.



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