June 26, 2006

Not a whole lot to report back on. We are almost completely unpacked...yeah! Just a few more living room boxes (pictures & such). Alex's room is coming along fabulously. I am very proud of it. I've drawn patches of sea grass all around the room, added a starfish, some small fish, a whale, a shark (peeking out behind his door) and 2 sea turtles. We will fill in the big scene with more fish wallies (just wanted to see how it would all work) and finish painting the sea grass. Morgan's dresser is in place and she has accessories, all her books are unpacked and her room is coming along as well. She has put up a bit of a fuss about decorating so it isn't as far along as it could be. Tomorrow I'm hoping to get the picket fence part done and maybe some flowers or bunnies in place. Both kids have specially painted letters spelling out their names above their beds. My mom painted them and my brother hung them for us this weekend.

We have started some projects as well. My brother helped us remove the old patio doors and replace them with new ones. It was quite the project but they look great. Now to get the rest of the framing and molding in place. LOL! He will be back over on Friday. I put together our new grill (no need to pay $40 for them to put it together) with a tidbit of help from my brother and Corey at a spot or two. Sometimes it really does take more than 2 hands to do something even if you know exactly what needs to be done. LOL!

We've decided on a color for our bathroom but I'm not going to start peeling off wallpaper until after our 4th of July/house warming party. But after that...look out!

This weekend we are having a girls day out and my mom, Morgan and I are going to get pedicures. We wanted to do lunch at a local tea room but they are booked for the day & then closing for vacation for one week...so we will make reservations for a weekend after they are back.

We've found the convenience centers (for recycling) and it feels good to be recycling again. Corey has come up with a solution so we can store the recyclables until we take them in. They even do construction stuff so we can take the old doors,etc.

While my brother was over on Saturday he brought one of his dogs with him, Stoli. We had such a good time with him and I think it made us all realize that we really do want a dog but we need to get ready for one. I'm also not sure the cat would handle it well at all. Sooo...more thinking on that one.

I'll get pictures of the bedrooms as soon as they are done.


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