July 5, 2006

We hope that everyone had a Happy 4th! We spent our day with family just enjoying good company and the gorgeous day we had. We had yummy food, played some games, played outside with the kids and 2 of my brother's dogs (Stoli and Remy). We made homemade ice cream (yum!) and set off some small fireworks. Alex crashed out on the couch before the fireworks so Corey, Morgan and I sat out on the deck watching several neighbors setting off bigger fireworks and then sat out on the front steps to watch the fireworks set off at the park (just a few blocks away). It was so nice to not have to go somewhere to see the fireworks.

Did anyone else watch the Discovery launch? We watched it, Morgan has been following it for days. It was great to see a successful launch and we hope for the best upon return in about 2 weeks. We will be watching.

Take care all!


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