September 3, 2006

Today is another gorgeous day. We slept with the windows open last night and it was wonderful! Nothing like cool, fresh air while you sleep. Alex is still sniffly so we got him some decongestant. We decided to take the kids to the Maury County Fair today (last day). We ran by Lowe's before heading over to the fair as we needed a longer outdoor extension cord and a couple of rakes. We then headed to the county park for the fair. I'm not sure what exactly was up but other than a midway we found nothing. Well...take that back....they had a pony ride corral, a zebra & a camel in a small pen which bothered us...what do either of these have to do with a county fair?? They had a few overpriced food booths, tons of games & some rides, a handful that our kids could ride. There was no livestock,etc that one would expect at a fair. I don't know if it was all gone or what but it was a real bummer. The "exhibition hall" had a display booth from several politicians, a partylite rep, the cosmetology school..and that is about it. We bought a few tickets so the kids could each ride 3 rides and played 1 game. We shared a funnel cake (a fair must have according to Corey) and left. Thankfully admission wasn't much & the kids were free. After we got home the kids helped rake the leaves in the backyard. They did a good job. We are really enjoying the nice weather and look forward to more. We don't really have any plans for tomorrow. Probably more family time, which we are all enjoying too, and hopefully some nice outdoor time.


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