September 2, 2006

Well here I go being quiet and no posting again. Sorry! It has been almost a month since I posted anything. In that month we've gotten in a nice groove with homeschooling. We have learned that Alex focuses much better if I work with him one-on-one. I can watch for him getting distracted & get him back on task very quickly. Morgan has become quite independent and just has me give her a list of assignments and she gets them done. She's doing fabulous with our math curriculum. We got our new life science program and started it. I think it will be fun. We've been attending park day with the ecclectic, inclusive homeschooling group that I found. It is up in Nashville, an hour's drive for us, but so worth it. There are several children Alex's age and Morgan is quickly making friends. I enjoy it as well having other moms to talk to (and not just about homeschooling). LOL! Morgan started her dance classes...all 3 of them. She is taking ballet, tap and jazz this year. She has the same teacher for all of her classes and they are one after another on Monday afternoons. This past Wednesday she also started a musical theatre class. She was excited about the class and was thrilled to find out that 2 girls from our park days are taking the class too. The class is before lunch on the same day as our park days and is just a mile or two away from the park so we were able to take advantage of this opportunity and only drive into Nashville 1 day a week. Nice. We got Alex signed up for soccer and he starts next week. He is excited and we think it will be great for him. I can't wait to see him in the uniform and on the field.

In August we celebrated my brother's birthday on the 15th, and Alex cut his foot good on the shed door, then we celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary on the 18th with a night out! My mom kept the kids overnight for us & even took them to work with her for a couple hours on Saturday morning. So we had until Saturday afternoon kid-free. I must admit it was nice. We then celebrated Corey's birthday on the 25th.

We have had a delightful cool front come through and our temperatures have dropped today & tonight. We took the kids to Home Depot this morning for their monthly kids' workshop & they built planters. We then had lunch at Sonic and sat outside because the weather was so nice...overcast with a light breeze and a temp in the low to mid 70's. Then we got to do our grocery shopping at Publix since we were up in Spring Hill. I wish we had a Publix here in Columbia. I've heard one will be opening...maybe soon. Once we got home we decided the temps were too nice to not be enjoying them so we opened all the windows. Alex is coming down with a cold or something & has been stuffy (started yesterday). He crashed on the couch after a Benadryl cold & allergy melt-tab. Corey & Morgan played soccer in the backyard and then went for a walk around our circle. I put a meatloaf in the oven and went out on the deck to read...and enjoy the delicious weather outside. We've been waiting for this! We will still have some warm days but we are enjoying all the cool days we get.


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