September 8, 2006

Yesterday was a nice day. The kids did really well getting their school work done. Morgan worked up at the kitchen table with Alex and he did pretty good staying focused on his own work. Corey didn't want what was on the menu for dinner so we headed over to Applebee's for dinner. Then we went by Wal-Mart and got a replacement game system (previous one broke) and a couple of discounted games. Corey even surprised Morgan with the soundtrack for High School Musical. She loves it and we hear the songs all the time on Radio Disney. Now she can really play them all the time. LOL!

Today, Morgan and I went with my mom into Nashville for a procedure she was having done. Her neurosurgeon referred her for an epidural cortisone injection to help relieve her back pain. She has several back issues and surgery is in her future but they are trying to buy her some time and pain relief. Everything we had read lead us to believe that it would take an hour or so...but she was done in about 20-30 minutes. No waiting & poof it was done. At the moment the lidocaine (or similar) that they mix with the cortisone is providing some pain relief. Hopefully this works for her...she needs it. After we got home we got school work done, took the recycling to the convenience center (we had A LOT!) and headed to my mom's for dinner. She has set up her Halloween village stuff and the kids got to help finishing it up.

Tomorrow we are taking the kids to the Lowe's kids workshop and then Alex has his first soccer game at noon. We can't wait and he is excited. I'll post a pic of him in his uniform.


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