September 6, 2006

The kids are starting to sound and feel a little better. A little less stuffiness and much less coughing at night. Morgan had her musical theatre class this morning so we left early & got her a cassette tape (and a personal cassette player to listen to the tape) and got her to class. No part assignments were made today but they practiced several of the songs. Maybe parts will be assigned next week. Alex stayed home with Corey because we weren't going to our homeschool park day due to his soccer meeting. We met Alex's coach at the practice fields and got his uniform and our handbook. He met another player (several picked up their uniforms already because they didn't want to meet on Wednesday due to church). His first game is on Saturday at 12. The association is very relaxed, especially at this age, and very firm about no pressure being put on the kids. Very cool with us. I'll be taking plenty of pictures. :-)

Not much else going on as of now. Ooh, and Ashes had her birthday...she is now 18 years old! I can not believe it. I'm not prepared to be the mother of an 18yo...even if it is my cat! LOL!


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