October 7, 2006

The birthday tea party went great. One person (the little girl down the street) couldn't attend afterall but everyone else came. Morgan missed her friend but had a wonderful time and enjoyed being the only child and the center of attention. What princess wouldn't? She received a lot of goodies, had a wonderful lunch and got to walk around downtown Franklin with one of her favorite people, Kristin. She is the friend that took care of Morgan in Ft. Lauderdale when we went over to take care of my mom when she had her knees replaced. Morgan and Kristin have been fast friends since then. She moved up to TN a few weeks before we did and she was with my mom when they found our house. LOL! When we got home she had a package waiting from Scotland and it was the gift that Grandpa Paul & Grandma Patsy had sent for her. It is a bear in a Scottish tartan...I believe our family tartan. It is gorgeous. So it was a great day.

Alex had a soccer game this afternoon so he had a "day with Daddy". A couple of boys on his team were away on vacation so the 4 of them there today got a lot of playing time. Alex tells me he "did great but hasn't scored a goal yet". LOL! He then spent the rest of the afternoon playing with Corey and some of the kids in the neighborhood.

In other news, Morgan lost her 10th tooth and first molar this morning while having a toasted bagel for breakfast. Poor girl almost ate it! LOL! So now there is a big gap on the lower left side of her mouth where the eye tooth & molar are missing. She lost the eye tooth less than 2 weeks ago.

Our temps are back to being delicious so we are enjoying the heck out of it. I'll take as much of it as Mother Nature wants to give us. We saw some nice colored leaves today so I'm hoping to go for a nice drive tomorrow to see what we can see.


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