October 22, 2006

Saturday morning we had Alex's soccer game at 10:30am. It was rather chilly! He wore black sweatpants and a burgundy long sleeve shirt under his soccer uniform (black & burgundy). He could have used ear covers..his poor ears were so cold after playing. They did great and next week is their last game of the season. We talked to the coach and they won't be having a party (she wanted to) because it is Halloween weekend & so many of us have previous plans. So they will get their trophies & such after the game. I am working on a small soccer photo album to give to his coach. I've been taking pictures at each game so I have at least 1-2 of each boy plus "group" shots during the play of the game. I think we might bring a little something for each boy too.

After the game we played a new card game that we've discovered. It is Phase10 and is very similar to a card game with played with my dad, stepmom & stepsiblings a long time ago...called Frustration. For Frustration we just used 2 decks of playing cards and had a handwritten list of hands that you had to make to work through the game. This was a really cool find for me as it brings back some nice childhood/teen years memories.

My mom came over after she got off work and we made cupcakes & let the kids decorate them with Halloween stencils. We also made a gingerbread Halloween house. Oh my goodness those things are NOT easy!! LOL! Trying to teach my mom had to use a pastry bag for the frosting was a challenge in itself too. ;-) She never did hold it right so I had to give up with my instructions. We made a huge mess, had fun and laughed a LOT! And hey, that's the important part. Our house won't win any awards but we had some fun family time. And I have decided that I am never doing another one...will have to find some other family fun.

Here is a picture of our Halloween gingerbread house.

This is a picture of the side...that is Morgan's frosting rendition of Frankenstein's face on the roof.

After the kids were in bed, Corey and I watched Memoirs of a Geisha. Good movie.

Today it is chilly and we've just been hanging out. The kids playing, performing songs for us, and watching football. I need to hem 7 pairs of pants for Morgan....ack! LOL! Don't want the child to freeze now that the weather has turned. I also need to start the ice sprite costumes for the musical. :-)


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