October 29, 2006

Extra hour?? No, not at the Larabie house. LOL! Our morning children don't understand that concept yet. Corey and I didn't stay up too late and only changed our bedroom clock before going to bed. So, the kids get up this morning at their "usual" time and decide to come wake us up, because they are hungry, at 8:30am. Well, of course, that is really 7:30am now. After I'm up I tell Morgan that we didn't change all the clocks in the house so she needs to subtract an hour when looking at them until we get them changed. Her eyes got VERY big and she says "When I got on the computer this morning it said 6:28 so it was really FIVE 28??" LOL! I reassured her that it was 6:28 because the computer will automatically update the time. She was relieved.

Yesterday was Alex's last soccer game of the season. They played great and he scored his first goal!! What a great season...in 8 weeks he went from being afraid and refusing to go out on the field at all to scoring his first goal. :-) My baby is growing up! He was soooo proud of himself. My mom got to come to this game so he had extra family around to be proud of him & cheer him on. We gave his coach a photo album of pictures I took during the season. All the boys got trophies (Alex's first trophy!) and goodie bags from the coach. He says he wants to sign up for the spring season.

Morgan attended a Princess party at the library and had great fun. She dressed up (not as a princess...just in a skirt/top) and we dropped her off before going to the soccer game. Of course both events had to be at the same time. LOL! She got to have tea & cookies, make a magic wand, play some games, etc.

After all of this we did some baking...pumpkin bread (Bobby Flay's recipe) - double batch and a regular batch of oatmeal cookies (for my brother). Then we had dinner, spinach & cheese quiche. My mom wasn't thrilled as spinach isn't her favorite but she survived. LOL!

Later today we are heading over to my mom's house for a family Halloween get together. I'm making Witches Fingers to take over. My brother & his girlfriend are coming over too.

Hope you've had a good weekend! We are.


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