October 31, 2006

Happy Samhain!! Happy Halloween! Samhain is about taking the time to remember and honor your loved ones that have died. I have several loved ones that have died and they are all truly missed and are still very much loved.

For Halloween we invited 2 of Morgan's friends over to join us in trick-or-treating and to sleepover. We picked up the girls about 1:30pm and they had lots of time to play & be silly. After pizza for dinner we got everyone in costumes and headed out for our t-o-t'ing. We had some rain earlier and the weather started cooling down...it resulted in some serious misty fog! Absolutely perfect for Halloween. LOL! The kids all made out like bandits in the candy department and we had plenty of fun. We were out for a couple of hours. After getting home we checked all the candy and let them indulge themselves a bit after their hard work. OOh and we found out that we get a lot of t-o-t'ers in this neighborhood!

Alex fell asleep on the couch while trying to stay up and the girls giggled their way to bed. They are all sleeping on sleeping bags in the dormer of Morgan's room. They giggled for about another 30 mins after lights out but finally crashed. Good thing as the 3 of them have musical theatre in the morning.

I'm worn out and am going to enjoy a few chocolate treats before I go to bed. Hope everyone had a blessed night. And here's a little love for Grandpa (aka PopPop to my kids), Grandma Agnes and Grandpa Joe, Uncle Ed, Heidi (my childhood best friend) and Bonnie (her mom). Happy Samhain.


At 7:01 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

thanks Kelly. It means so much to know that other people miss my dad, too. :)
What are y'all's plans for thanksgiving and after? Stefan and I are coming up to Nashville... maybe if y'all (meaning Aunt Carol, Michael, etc) are in town we can do the family get-together thing!
Let me know!
Lots of love,


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