November 7, 2006

Election Day! I am hoping that everyone exercised their right, and I feel responsibility, as an American citizen to vote. I am also hopeful that the citizens of our country are ready for a change. Something has to give in this country because the citizens...all of them, Democrat, Republican and other, are all being screwed to the wall by the current administration. It is sad that the rights of the citizens of this country are being sacrified without a second thought in the name of fear and "terrorism". We are being terrorized by the leaders of our country. They certainly are not doing the work of the American people. In Tennessee we had several offices to vote for and we also had a couple of amendments to vote for. Well, I'm sad to say that the citizens of this state voted to amend the state constitution with discrimination. I just find it difficult to swallow that anyone would want to insert discrimination of any kind into a constitution. Like there isn't enough out there. Ugh! Corey and I took the kids with us when we went to vote. Nothing like a little hands on social studies class. Alex was interested in the touch screen machine and Morgan was interested in how we were voting. She is very curious and talks to us a lot about why we vote, who we are voting (or voted for) and why we voted for them. We lean to the left and believe very much in making educated decisions and voting for the right person for the job. We love that she asks so many questions (and she can come up with some good ones) and hope that we can continue to foster this in her.

On the election & state of the country issue...I was sent a link to what I feel is an amazing documentary. It is an hour and 21 minutes but so worth it. I have to say that I felt disillusioned, disappointed and scared for our country but it also confirmed things that I had been thinking for quite a while. I think any issues with our elections & the voting process and our leaders does all of us a disservice. We can't be a democracy if the process has failed. How can anyone feel good about winning when there is a possibility of tampering or cheating? I personally wouldn't want to be a member of the "winning" party either. Anyway, here is the link
Hacking Democracy

On a different note...we've got Morgan ready for her musical theatre class performance. It is on Nov 17th and she is very excited. Her costume is done & so are the props. She knows her lines & songs very well. I worked on the program for the performance & think it turned out well. I'll deliver it to her teacher tomorrow so they can get it printed. They are doing 2 performances because there are more people coming to see it then there are seats. So next Friday evening they will do a performance at 5:30pm, have a little break, and do another at 7pm. I can't wait to see it. They are doing Hans Christian Anderson's Snow Queen by Kaye Umansky with Ana Sanderson.

We are still trying to decide what we want to do for her entry into the edible book contest. We are thinking of something to go with Children of the Earth, Remember by Schim Schimmel . Just beautiful pictures but we will have to see if I can figure out how to run with it. LOL! Other thoughts are "How to Eat Fried Worms" and some others.


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