November 18, 2006

We made it! We got through our week and we had a great time. Everything went well. On Thursday Morgan and I started working on her edible book project. She did great working with the fondant and shaping & frosting the sugar cookie part. And Thursday was *relaxing* day. LOL! It was the only day we didn't have to be somewhere. It was nice. On Friday we made the rice krispy part of her project and made an extra batch to take to her performance reception. This leads to the actual performance. It was great!! The kids all did a spectacular job and the show went great (both performances). Having been a part of the whole thing and taking Morgan to class every week I didn't think about how quickly this really was pulled together. But as part of the introduction, her teacher explained to the audience that the kids had 12 weeks...1 hour of class each week to learn this & get it all together. Really hits home when you think about 12 hours of practice...together...and it turned out so well. Here is a picture of Morgan & the other 2 Ice Sprites (Morgan is in the middle).

Today was the Edible Book contest at the library. We finished up her project this morning by putting the final touches on the Earth (had to add the continents). We took it up to the library and then headed to Lowe's to help pass the time. Corey discovered a few spots around our French doors that were letting in cold air. Not good! So we grabbed some weather stripping. Then we headed back to the library for the judging results. Unfortunately Morgan didn't win & she was disappointed & sad but got over it. She received a certificate for participating and got points in the HP Club for entering. Here she is with her project.


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