November 29, 2006

Sunday evening we watched Akeelah and the Bee. Morgan watched it with us and we all thought it was a great movie. Recovery day was nice. ;-)

Monday, Corey had the first half of the day off so we all got some things done around the house. After lunch he went back to work (and it hit him like gangbusters!) and the kids and I got down to some school business. Morgan had her dance classes in the evening and Corey got the grocery shopping done. Alex and Kelly hung out and then made waffles for dinner.

Tuesday came early for Corey as he had a change to push throught at 6:15am...yuck. The kids and I took care of school business and then had plenty of play time. As soon as Corey was done with work we headed out of the house for an early dinner since Morgan had a Yule ball decorating committee meeting to attend. We had pizza so the kids could use their Book-It certificates before the month was out. They thought it was really cool that they each got their own pizza. LOL!

Today...another early one for Corey (6:15am again). Double yuck in that he isn't feeling good and didn't sleep well. Morgan slept until 9am! I got worried and had to tiptoe upstairs to check on her. My goodness she hasn't slept late in a long time. She wasn't feeling the greatest either, sounded stuffy & slightly congested, so no park day for us today...even with nice temps & weather. Bummer. We took it easy on the school front today...making paper lanterns for the Yule ball was art, some educational tv & computer time, lots of reading and conflict resolution with each other.

Tonight Corey and I watched An Inconvenient Truth . Great job on the movie....and such an important message that has to get out there. Actually the message is out there and has been out there but for some reason (denial??) people just refuse to get it. And it is a refusal and it is costing us all dearly...and the ones that will pay the most are our children & their children. I don't understand how our government...for years and years now...has just ignored this. Has actually put things into place to help make it worse (not even "just" ignoring it). WHY our country won't cut emissions...oh wait...the pockets that are lined with OIL PROFITS...that's why!! Ok, hello to all the *normal* *average* American citizens out there...not the independently wealthy, rich off daddy's money & his investments & connections with the oil companies...wake up! It doesn't matter where you stand on any other issue...if we have no Planet Earth left...the rest doesn't matter. You can't take it with you honey and it won't do your kids any good while they cook with 200 degree temps in the summer time with no drinking water. The number of places that will no longer exist when the sea level rises...umm...FL are you paying attention? Manhattan anyone? CA?? New will cease to exist again (permanent this time). everyone out there doing what they can? Are you taking steps in your every day life to HELP?? There are so many little things we can do, that if everyone would do them or some of them, it would make a huge impact. A good site to check out is Stop Global Warming . If you have children you should be doing something every day to help save the Earth for them. If you don't have children yet you should be doing something every day to help save the Earth for future children. If you don't plan on having children you should be doing something every day to help save the Earth for your future, and the future of your neices and nephews, cousins, friends' children, and all those that will be here after you are gone.

We only have 1 planet and we are "single-handedly" destroying it as quickly as we can. We've got to stop and shift into reverse. I'm only 38 (for another 10 days) and in my lifetime there could be (being realistic) horrific changes and consequences to what we (humans) have done that it is very scary. It is all about natural consequences folks.


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