November 26, 2006

Stuffed! I think that about covers the past couple of days. LOL! Seriously, we had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday and we got to celebrate several times with sooo many family members and friends. We are truly blessed. We did miss our family and friends that we could not be with and haven't seen in a while (since the move, or even before). You were all in our hearts.

On Thursday we had over GC (Kelly's mom), Michael (Kelly's brother), Tish (brother's girlfriend), Ray & Kat (friends) and with the 4 of us that makes 9. Everyone brought yummy dishes to share and we had a wonderful time. I didn't get ANY pictures of the first Thanksgiving in our new house...can you believe it?? I think my brother took some so I'll have to see if he will share them with me. Ooooh brother...can you spare a square? picture that is. ;-)

On Friday we headed over to Tullahoma (about 1.5 hrs east of us) to Corey's stepbrother's home. John & Jodi were hosting a Thanksgiving meal at their house. There was a whole slew of family there too. :-) John & Jodi and their kids Patrick, Arika and Patrick's girlfriend, Amber. Corey's other stepbrother, T.J. was there as well with his 3 boys, Ryan, Marcus and Matthew. Unfortunately, his wife was sick at home so we didn't get to see her. We hope she is feeling better soon!! They also had some friends over to join in the celebration...Jennifer & JC & their 18mo son, Andrew. JC just returned home after 1 year in Iraq! I thought it was a nice way to spend Thanksgiving and definitely gave us all something to be thankful for...his service to the citizens of our country, the fact that he survived and arrived home healthy & safe when so many of the men & women serving our country will never return home to their families or return home so damaged that life will never, ever be the same for them or their families.

Johnathon, Corey & TJ with Morgan, Arika and Alex

On Saturday my aunt and cousin were able to come to our house for a nice visit. I was so glad that they were able to come over and that they were able to stay for so long...gave us a good visit! Lots of talking & laughing & talking about old & new times. :-) My cousin's husband had to stay home in Atlanta because he was sick. Hope you are feeling better Stefan!! The kids were asking about you. :-) Alexa is the history buff in our family and she's now a high school teacher. Morgan & Alexa were like pea pods, I tell ya. My history buff girl loves having another history buff in the family...after having to deal with her science & math parents. LOL! Several hours into our visiting my mom managed to swing by & she got to visit a little while too.

Kelly, Michael, and Alexa - these dimples are a Claremont gene!
Today is recovery day as Corey put it. We hope everyone had a nice holiday weekend with their family & friends.


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