November 30, 2006

Thursday, not a whole lot going on. School went well this morning with the kids. Morgan is almost finished with Math-U-See Alpha and will be moving on to Beta. Alex is moving along at a great pace for a 5 year old. The numbers seem to come pretty naturally to him. For Morgan it is the processes but not the actual computation that comes naturally. We also covered history and science and Morgan did more art. They both did some reading today as well.

I have to share with you something I found. The link was at the top of the page when I was reading email on my gmail account. It is Little Democrats and I love it! I had to share with friends.

The storm that has been moving through the midwest is hitting TN but we aren't getting any of the snow. Just the cold and the rain. You should hear the wind howling outside right now. We watched the rain for a bit and it was just pouring... too bad it isn't snow. ;-) The kids would love it.

Tomorrow morning Mom, Morgan and I are heading out for part of the day. We are going shopping. :-) Our high on Thurs was 74 degrees....the high for Fri is supposed to 38!! Hello...that is a 36 degree drop!! Winter is coming, winter is coming!


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