December 2, 2006

Shopping on Friday was fun. Mom loved The Fairy Grotto at The Factory and spent some money there (I knew she would). After checking out other shops, the 3 of us had some lunch and headed out to JoAnn's and some other places. I can't mention all of them because some people we were shopping for read this. ;-) LOL! I was bummed at JoAnn's because they didn't have diddly for cotton interlock which I need for the tops to the jammies I'm making for the kids. Ugh! So I'm going to have to make the pants & get t-shirts to match them. A little frustrating but workable.

We have our list of all the cookies & candies we are going to make for the holidays. Some we will give as gifts, some keep for ourselves and some share with the local firemen & police officers. We are making 10 things! So the baking had better begin. We have all our ingredients so will start tomorrow.

Corey went up into the attic and got down the holiday totes. I swear one tote weighs as much as he does. LOL! We will start putting up the lights & such outside. We put our fiber optic penguin out on the porch but that is it. Corey has to work a change window from 2-4am so will be a little tired tomorrow. So we shall see how much we can get done.

The kids saw Cars this morning and tonight, Corey & I watched You,Me, and Dupree. Both good movies and we enjoyed them.


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