December 14, 2006

Yea, Corey will be home tomorrow night. We've managed to get through the week just fine but we have all missed him and he has missed us. It hasn't been an easy week for him while attending the class the big project he is on has had problems so he keeps getting called out of the class to log in & deal with it. Very frustrating since he is missing the class he is supposed to attend.

As for Mom and the kiddos all has been pretty good. Monday, after school, we had our organic co-op delivery which ran VERY late. Morgan ended up missing her dance classes but was okay with the whole thing. Both kids were VERY good while waiting for the late truck, helping out while we distributed & split up everything. I was very pleased. As we left, at 6:15pm, they were both voicing their hunger and Morgan informed me that I needed to take them to a "suitable" restaurant since they had been so good. LOL! She's such a character. We went to Beef O Brady's and even participated in the trivia game they were doing. We had a good time and the kids got to stay up late. Bedtime went smoothly too...yea! Tuesday we did stuff around the house after schooling and then just did some hanging out. Wednesday we had planned on going to park day & then to my mom's for some baking. But she had bad back spasms & ended up being home from work the whole day so we headed over earlier. We got some baking done for her, 2 batches of fudge and 2 batches of delicious pumpkin bread. We took dinner over there so she even got a home cooked meal out of it. LOL! Again, another kind of late evening for the kids. Today, we got some baking done, snickerdoodles, peanut butter fudge and rice krispie treats. I finished washing the fabric I'll be sewing so that is all ready. I think Alex decided the day hadn't been interesting enough because this evening he tripped while coming down the stairs. He was about halfway down and just tumbled, completely head over heels, down and smacked the back & side of his head on the wood floor at the bottom of the stairs. I saw it happening but couldn't stop it. I scooped him up just as the scream came out of him. :-( Poor thing, scared both of us and then he had the headache to deal with. He got a lot of loving after that from both Mommy and Morgan.

Morgan finished reading Eragon tonight. She is thrilled because we go see the movie on Saturday morning. Tomorrow will be a busy day....we have a few things to do around the house, then we pick up her 2 friends, Tayler & Autumn and head over to the library for the girls to help decorate for the HP Club Yule Ball. When they are done we come home and they will make the treats they are taking (Troll Boogies & Magic Wands) and will make crackers to exchange. After dinner, I'll take them up to the ball at 7pm and Alex & I get to have some special time together. Corey's plane is due in at 8pm but he has at least an hour drive home via taxi. The ball is due to finish at 9pm so I'll get home with the kids around the time he should be getting home. After a sleepover we are all going to Eragon at 10am.

Next week we will be finishing up our holiday preparations...Yule and Christmas.


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