December 10, 2006

It is official....I'm 39 now. Funny, I don't feel it. Or maybe I do and this is what 39 feels like. LOL! Either way, it is all good.

This week has been a cold one here in middle TN but we are loving it. The kids are learning to layer their clothes and we are all remembering to bundle up. Our NY days are coming back to us. ;-) I am in desperate need of a better coat & we are working on that.

Thursday, Morgan & I went over to my mom's house and helped my brother work on the fence he is building for her. It was SOOO very cold but we bundled up good and got a LOT done! I defrosted eventually after coming inside. Morgan was a great helper and has learned to measure the boards and mark them. She'll be a big help when we do our fence.

Friday we had a field trip to the Tennessee Agricultural Museum for Home for the Holidays and really enjoyed it. We got to tour the museum after the presentation and then go visit the horses from the Metro Mounted Police at the barn next door. We took my mom with us on the field trip and she enjoyed it. Her first homeschooling field trip with us.

Saturday we went to the Leipers Fork Christmas parade. This is the town that my brother lives in and they have a really cute parade. We had a great time. Corey couldn't come because of being on call & having been paged earlier in the day. We missed him. We picked up Quizno's (what I wanted for my birthday LOL) and brought it home. He surprised me by baking a birthday cake while we were gone. What a sweetie!!

Today we are going to try to get our tree and get the rest of the outdoor lights up. Corey has to travel next week...leaving early Monday morning & will be gone all week. He's going to Tampa for a class....last minute of course. The kids & I wanted to go with him so we could see friends but we have several days scheduled with things that we can't cancel or postpone. One of them is Morgan's Yule Ball that she has worked so hard with on the decorating committee. She's having 2 friends over to spend the night & go to the ball with her. Corey should be home late Friday night and then on Saturday we are all going to a special showing of Eragon with her HP Club. They've rented the local theatre just for the club & friends. The kids are so excited. Morgan is reading the book and is about half way through. Corey just finished it.


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