December 21, 2006

Tired, tired, tired. I think that about covers it. LOL! I can't believe it has been a week since I last posted. Sorry about that. It has been a busy week. Morgan's sleepover and Yule Ball went great last Friday. Corey managed to get home before I got home from picking up the girls. I think they all stopped giggling about 11pm. Saturday morning we all went to see Eragon. I thought it was good and I think everyone else thought so too...except for those that read the book and they had a lot to say about how much was cut out. Doesn't that always happen though? We met up with the girls' mom and spent some time up in Cool Springs doing shopping with my mom. Then we met my brother & his girlfriend for dinner. Alex dumped some Creole seasoning (powder) onto the table and then ended up getting it in his eye! Then poor little man fell asleep before his dinner came & slept right through.

We have decorated the tree and put up more inside decorations...bows on the banister, stockings hanging and some candles out. The kids are enjoying the heck out of their Advent Calender and Morgan has another countdown up on the dry erase board. They aren't excited or anything. ;-)

We have been doing more baking...pecan pie cookies and a double batch of M&M cookies. I just have candy to make and then I'm all done. I've also been sewing and working on other craft projects, which causes Corey to think I'm absolutely nuts. Who am I to disagree with him??
LOL I learned about a paper craft from my friend Carla's blog (linked on the side bar on the right of this page) and she learned about it from someone else that saw it in Martha Stewart's Holiday magazine...or something like that. Anyway, I got the stuff & just had to try them out! Paper Balls or Paper Sphere Ornaments. They came out great and we plan on making more. I need to take a picture of them and then I'll share with you. We also have painted wooden ornaments, and Morgan is learning to sew. Corey let her pick out some fabric as long as she completed a project with it. She bought 2 fat quarters and decided to make a pillow using 1 print for each side. She sewed it this morning all by herself with Mom standing at the ready, just in case. We now need to get the stuffing for it and she'll have herself a cute & funky pillow for her room. It is big enough to be used as an extra on her bed, for reading, etc. It is a purple print on one side and a pink & purple swirl on the other...will match her room just right.

I have one pair of pajamas finished for Morgan. It is a pair I started before but didn't finish & then became too small. So I opened them up at the sides and adding coordinating fabric in "racing stripe" fashion. Yea, it worked! :-) Tonight I cut out a pair of lounge pants for both kids. I was going to make them pajamas but the pattern calls for knit fabric for the tops and JoAnn had none...well, brown & some weird colors but no blue, yellow, pink, or purple. So we will have to get coordinating long sleeve t-shirts. Tomorrow night will be sewing them up and then VOILA they will be done.

Lastly, I made 5 relaxation pillows today, so tomorrow I will fill them & close them up and they will be complete.

Will I make it? Hopefully I will live to tell you all about it. Corey is officially on vacation and Saturday starts the extended family aunt & uncle arrive in town and we will be visiting a lot at my mom's, my brother's, etc. :-) Thankfully Yule will be a nice, quiet family celebration with just Corey, the kids and myself. I'm looking forward to it.

Just had to share, Corey has been blogging again so stop by & say "HI".


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