January 13, 2007

We have TRIOPS ! Morgan is the proud mommy to several triops babies. LOL! She got the kit on Tuesday night at her HP Club meeting as part of their cryptozoology theme. Corey put several eggs in late Tuesday night and they are supposed to hatch within 18-48 hours. The water is also supposed to stay between 72-84 degrees and they are supposed to have 24 hours of light during the winter. Well, heck no where in our house is above 72 degrees! It is suggested they be under a desk lamp for heat & light...well, that won't work because we don't have desk lamps and *every* lightbulb in our house is a compact flourescent and does not use enough energy to put off heat to warm the water. Yikes. We managed to keep them in the sun as much as possible during the day & keep a light on them the first night or two and then Morgan put them near the floor heat vent. VOILA they hatched some time on Thursday! You can't imagine how surprised we are that they did. LOL! The kit comes with food for them, directions,etc. We have teeeeeny tiny, zip zooming around triops in a tiny bowl of water. Morgan & I fed them on Friday (you had to do it the day after they hatched). She's so excited about it all.

Friday night we had dinner at GC's house...yummy chicken tacos and beef taco bake. Then played a few games while listening to music my brother has on his computer (all from DJ'ing at the club & at weddings,etc). Good time had by all. Corey and I got to come home alone because the kids were spending the night at GC's house. Whee! Of course then we come home to such a quiet house we don't know what to do. LOL!

This morning we both slept until 10am (never happens!) and we called to check in on GC & the kids. They stayed up until after 11pm (egads) and were up before 7am, waking GC up at 8am for breakfast. Yikes! She took them to Barnes & Noble to spend their giftcards from Christmas. While they were doing that, Corey & I hung out chatting about all kinds of stuff, doing some laundry, feeding the baby triops, and went out to lunch before they came home. We had GC stay for dinner of waffles & sausage. Just gotta love breakfast for dinner. After she left we played a game with Morgan called Word Rummy . It was really fun and definitely makes you think. We were surprised that the age range is 7 and up because it seems a little on the difficult side for most 7 year olds. You really need to be able to spell and think about mixing up the letters from some words while adding more letters to make completely new words. Anyway, fun so if you are into games that make you work give it a try. We are thinking about getting the last 2 games shown at the bottom of that link - Number Rummy and Adverteasing.

Corey still has the pager until early Monday morning and he has Monday off for Martin Luther King, Jr Day. He will also get a comp day next week for being on call this week. So a short week for him next week.


At 10:02 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

how long do they live?
Perhaps try to get a small tank and tank heater on freecycle? Or at a pet store (I'm not sure how much they are.. I've never had fish!)

Yay, for a kid free night! I haven't had one of those in soooo long! I mean seriously, I can't remember the last time!


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