January 8, 2007

I must say that while the holidays were great I am glad they are over. We are settling back into normal life just fine. The kids are back into the schooling groove, which makes life easier. Dance classes have resumed and they even started learning their dance routines for dance recital (beginning of June we are told). Friday we had GC over for dinner and family games. Then on Saturday all 4 of us had eye exams. The results are: my eyes stabilized at not quite blind as a bat level, Corey's eyes are worse and I think he is officially at blind as a bat level, Morgan's eyes are in between mine & Corey's at the border of blind as a bat...poor child. Alex has lucked out and his eyes are right where a 5 year old's should be. Now we just have to get glasses (as we play with our vision plan). On Sunday I went over to my mom's house and helped her cook up some recipes to provide herself with meals for the week. My brother and I also went through recipes so we could collect all the important ones to our family.

Corey in on call this week so we will be staying close to home. Morgan has HP club tomorrow night, which thrills her. She just loves it. She did quite a few projects and worksheets to turn in for this month. It is cool for me because so much of what she does for the club we can count for school as it is all educational. Speaking of educational. She is working in the Beta book of Math-U-See and reading quite a variety. She just finished reading a biography of Martin Luther King, Jr and Harriet Tubman. She picked them up on her own and really enjoyed them. I'm curious to see what she picks up at our next library visit. Alex is still in Alpha and moving along at a nice speed for a 5 year old. He is reading a lot more too. He's been working through some Geronimo Stilton books, more Guardians of Ga'Hoole, Animorphs, and A to Z Mysteries. We are working through the remainder of First Language Lessons, doing a lot of reading, working through The Story of the World 1, R.E.A.L. Science - Life Science, doing some extra language arts stuff - spelling, phonics, handwriting (in the guise of writing stories, signs, plays,etc). We do art and music whenever we feel like it. We haven't found another geography curriculum or workbook that we like so we talk about geography in our history, playing games (Scrambled States of America), reading & locating places we read about,etc. Morgan enjoys working on logic as well. We cover health and nutrition along with cooking and meal planning. Both kids are now very involved in the kitchen. They pick at least 1 meal per menu rotation (every 2 weeks), they help figure out what we need and help prepare the meal when we have it. We have let foreign language slide and both Morgan & I have talked about getting going again with it. We shall see how that works out. We both want to learn to knit too. I want to have her sew some more too.

Hmm...that's about it for now. I'm off to work on entering more recipes onto my computer.


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