January 1, 2007

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Welcome 2007!

We hope that everyone has had a safe & happy New Year's Eve. May 2007 be good to us all. Do you make resolutions? I don't. I used to make them but they would get left in the dust before January was over. So now I just don't even bother. Pretty much anything I would make a resolution is something I'm working on or need to so I jsut keep working on those areas. LOL!

Normally, Corey & I spend NYE quietly in the comfort of our own home. We aren't the clubbing, go out & get as trashed as you can type of people. With or without kids..that just isn't us. Our first NYE we spent together with a bunch of friends in a computer lab at Clarkson. Oh yes, wild partying folks here. ;-) Tonight we had GC, Michael & Tish over for dinner & games. We played "Frustration", a card game from our childhood, and it was a blast. Corey ended up winning. Morgan decided NYE wasn't exciting enough so she lost one of her two loose teeth so the tooth fairy would have to come for a visit. This is tooth #11...geez!! She managed to stay up until 12:01am Central Time. What cracked me up the most was at 11:59 she says "Wait a minute, I am staying up until midnight to see some disco ball come down??" ROFLMAO!! We responded "Yep, you got it". Alex tried staying up and decided he wanted to go read instead of watching the stuff on TV. I knew at that point that he would not be making it until midnight. He made it until almost 11pm. I am hoping against all odds that he will sleep past 7am...or we are all in trouble.

Well, I'm about wiped out so off to bed with me. Good night & happy new year.


At 1:53 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happy New Year Larabies! It is great knowing where you are now after our Christmas visit. I'm working on our address book in Outlook and on my email addresses. Double work but should pay off if I lose one. My next chore is to figure out how to make labels with Microsoft word and my outlook contacts. I use to do it but we have revamped our computer. Anyway. I enjoyed reading about our holidays together. We are so lucky to have each other. Can't wait to do it again. By the way, if you guys want to come to Illinois just let us know, we would love to have you.


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