January 17, 2007

A pretty good day for a Wednesday. It was nice and cold out today. The kids did good with school today, no fussing or fighting. They each did completely different things today and that was just fine. Today was the day we moved the surviving triops into their bigger home. We just used a bigger size Glad reusable container and that is working out fine. We have 4 that have gotten pretty big and are doing well (we think). Hey, they've survived with us f0r 8 days so I would call that doing well. *wink* We did see what we think were a couple carcasses of smaller ones that didn't make it. Alex is really into the Peru adventure from their Highlights Top Secret Adventures . He read the guide book and solved several puzzles today (various types & levels of difficulty). We made a blood model yesterday for science and we left it in the jar (karo syrup as plasma, red hot candies for RBC's, pistachios in their shells for WBC's, popcorn kernels for platelets). Well the red dye is coming out of the red hot candies and they are fascinated that the karo syrup is turning red and "really making it look like blood". They are really liking science and the labs.

Morgan is just amazed at how well she can see with her glasses. She was sitting at the table eating breakfast when she almost screamed about seeing a cardinal on the bird feeder. Poor thing hasn't been able to see them very well (if truly at all). She was so excited to be able to see it, watch it, and enjoy it. It was fun just watching along with her and feeling her excitement. Makes me feel bad for not getting her into the eye doctor sooner.

Corey, Morgan and I watched American Idol last night and tonight. I really think this season they have put more emphasis on the HORRIBLE auditions than before. I mean I know it is part of the show in the beginning to show the ones that didn't make it but I think they have created this monster of having people show up in the strangest, most ridiculous look they can muster just to try to get on for first few shows as the worst audition...their attempt at 15 minutes of fame? I like it much better once they get to Hollywood. Next week will be from their Memphis auditions so it will be interesting to see what happens there.

Tomorrow we are having the Sears repair man come out. Our dishwasher is leaking and we have cabinet & kick plate water damage. We've been washing dishes by hand since the weekend. Oh yea, tons of fun for a family of 4 that eats 3 meals a day at home. The dishes NEVER end. Wish us luck!

I think we will be filing our taxes soon. Corey has been playing around with the software and thinks he has everything covered. Time to get it over with.


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