January 14, 2007

We have had a nice Sunday at our house. I woke up to children playing nicely, we had breakfast and just chilled out. After getting some laundry going, entering a few more recipes into the computer (a project Michael & I are working on), and getting dressed we went outside to play. The weather was gorgeous...about 70 and partly sunny/cloudy with a breeze. Seriously...such bitter frigid winter weather, huh? We played soccer at Alex's request for a bit, then baseball at Morgan's request. Corey worked on measuring out a spot for our vegetable garden at the rear of the backyard. We also dug up a small bush/tree that is just in a very odd place in our backyard. There are a few and we are still figuring out what we want to keep (the 2-3 biggest trees). Corey did some pruning and cleaning up of the yard and we checked the sides of the house to help figure out where we wanted the fence to stop when we fence in the backyard. Michael is going to help us and my mom has leftover material so it won't cost us nearly as much as we were thinking. Morgan's triops are growing and are much more visible now. They start out just a step above microscopic so this is a big deal. LOL! It should be interesting to see how they continue to do.

Corey has been watching the football games this weekend. Must keep up with the teams to see who is moving on to the next step and guessing who will be in the Super Bowl this year. I've been entering more recipes for the project...I think I have over 100 in now. It was supposed to rain all weekend and Corey has been on call so we didn't have any plans for the weekend. It has been nice just having some nice family time to enjoy each other, get a few things done but not have plans to stress about.

We are trying to eat healthier...taking steps as we can...and we made black bean & brown rice burgers tonight for dinner. Oh my goodness they were yummy! We've all decided the recipe is a keeper for us. Corey and I felt we could play with the seasoning to add a little more oomph to them but they were great as they were anyway. We are also going to try to participate in a CSA program with a local organic farm. This is Community Supported Agriculture...you buy a share which helps support the local organic farm that you choose and you get to reap the benefits of the harvest each week,etc. We are going to split this with GC and Michael & Tish. We've wanted to do this for quite some time but this is the first real chance we've had to do it. We can't wait. This is who we will be buying into Delvin Farms . You can check for something near you by going to Green People and you can enter your area to see what is available. You get delicious, organic, fresh produce (some places do eggs, poultry, beef, etc) and you support a small, local farm. How much better can it get?


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