February 6, 2007

Oh so tired! That is how I've felt all darn day. I haven't been sleeping good (for me) the past couple of nights and I'm thinking it might be my new medicine. Corey thought maybe it was the bump up to the "normal" dose but the sleeping issues started before I bumped up the dosage so it isn't that. I'm going to try taking it at night to see if that helps any. Since I've already taken it this morning, I'll have to wait until tomorrow night to take it.

The kids had a rough day of it today. I'm not sure what was up but they were both a handful and a half. We did manage to get some school done today which made me feel good. I hope tomorrow is better. We have a library trip planned. Morgan still has a book or two but Alex has read his. I still have books that I'm working on too. But they love going and the Children's librarian always has some interesting tidbits for us. She's the advisor for the HP Club and Morgan just loves her.

Corey and I have been trying to figure out how we can trim some of the outgoing expenses. The phone & DSL bill seems to be crazy high in our opinion so we are checking on all of that. There was some kind of phone, DSL, dish bundle when we moved but we are thinking that the bundle is costing us more than just the basics for each of the services. We have decided to get the van checked out since we have received our tax refund. Hopefully it won't be a big expense & we can get it back on the road. Right now a new vehicle is not in the budget so think good thoughts for us with the van.

I must sign off for the night before I fall asleep at the computer. That just wouldn't be fun or pretty. ;-)


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