February 1, 2007

We finally got snow. Not what they were forecasting but enough to satisfy the children this morning. Morgan was awake & letting everyone know about the snow by 7AM. Both kids were dressed & outside playing in the snow by 7:30AM. It was crazy. And of course I was out there taking pictures of them...in my pajamas. Shhh...don't tell the neighbors. I put some pictures up (link on the right) for your enjoyment. By afternoon the snow had melted and the kids were complaining about not getting enough and it not lasting long enough. Hopefully we will get more before the winter is over. I was happy that there was enough for them to play in.

I also put up some pictures from the day we made Phoenician bread as an activity for our history chapter. We had a great time and the kids did most of it.

I've taken some steps to help with some issues I was having. I was given some medication today to start and we shall see how much it helps. I'm hopeful. I am looking forward to better, more controlled reactions and a happier outlook. We have also taken the first step in seeing if Alex has ADHD. We talked with a counselor a couple days ago and were pleased that she doesn't recommend jumping at medication. She said he was still on the young end of the scale and with homeschooling she would recommend working with him and us learning some things to help instead of just medicating him. YEA!! We were pleased to hear that as we don't like the idea of jumping straight to meds. She gave us a couple things to work on and will be talking to the kids next week. We have also been told about a natural way to help with a high protein diet and a small amount of caffeine. I'm looking into it more and we will see what we do.


At 6:43 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kelly good news on Alex and no meds! BTW, the diet changes.. is that Feingold that your talking about? I'm happy to pass along my copy of the Feingold diet if you want to leaf through it. As I told you we never stuck to it hard core (its very hard) but we applied some principles to our family's diet, like absolutely no food dyes, and making a lot of items from scratch to eliminate some food preservatives.

Let me know

At 9:42 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You call that snow? lol! I think I've got about 12" outside my back door.

Good for you for looking into other ways to treat Alex's possible ADHD. My best friend Kelly's sone was diagnosed about 5 yrs ago with ADHD and she's had a lot of success with changing his diet. She refuses to put her son on meds.


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