February 5, 2007

So far so good on my new medication. I'm up to a normal dose and no side effects that I can tell. I am feeling good and have felt more under control. The buttons definitely don't feel like they are being continually pressed...which is a good thing.

It is still cold here but no more snow. Today Morgan and I went to our organic co-op delivery and it was freezing...literally below freezing. The place the deliveries are made is sheltered but the heat isn't on so we were bundled up. Thankfully the truck was on time and it wasn't too bad.

Morgan's 3 dance classes are going very well and they are really getting into learning their recital routines. They got to see pictures of their costumes today and now she is even MORE excited about the whole thing.

We are participating in a neat project from Journey North. We are recording our sunrise & sunset times and receiving information and clues about 10 mystery locations. At the end of the project we will have to use the clues to figure out where these 10 places are. It is fun so far. We are looking forward to solving the mysteries.


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