February 15, 2007

I hate car problems. We finally got the van to the shop. After much deliberation we decided that a new vehicle just is not in the budget for us right now and we needed to get the van fixed. We found a mechanic and got it in today. They called back this afternoon with the estimate...$450. Ouch! Could be worse, I know, but still OUCH! Hopefully this will take care of it for a while and we can keep it plugging along for a while longer. It should be ready tomorrow. Have I mentioned that I hate car problems?

Otherwise things are going okay. Corey has 4 days off...no crazy work this weekend. Yea! Morgan will be going to movie night at the library with the HP Club tomorrow night. She just loves that. We will have my brother, his girlfriend and my mom over for dinner and games on Saturday evening. And they are calling for snow. Keep your fingers crossed...we would really like some more before the season is gone.

On a sad note, a local homeschooling mother died tonight after almost 2 year battle with ovarian cancer. She was just 30 and had 4 little ones...the youngest just turned 1. She was diagnosed during her pregnancy with him. Please keep Jenny Carlisle's family in your thoughts.


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