February 13, 2007

Just stuff

The weekend was a little crazy because of Corey's work schedule. Poor guy was wiped out. On Saturday I took Morgan up to the library for a meet & greet with the cast of the local production of Beauty & The Beast. She enjoyed it and would like to go see the production. We will see if we can get her there. On Sunday I took the kids to have lunch with my mom and 2 of her friends from FL that were visiting her. We all enjoyed it and it gave Corey some much needed quiet time.

On Monday we got school done early because the kids and I had an appointment with the counselor. It went well, she talked to the 3 of us and then just Morgan. Alex wasn't ready to talk to her by himself yet. Morgan said they covered some tips for helping her & Alex not fight. Afterwards I took them to the park. We wanted to make sure we got it in before it started raining later in the afternoon. A couple little boys came while we were there and Alex really enjoyed playing with them. Morgan had me spin her on the "merry-go-round" until she was so dizzy she thought she was going to throw up. LOL! I told her no throwing up at the park. Then Monday afternoon Morgan had her dance classes. When I was dropping her off I got to see pictures of her costumes...so cute! I can't wait to see it all come together in June.

This morning I spent quite a bit of time playing with the kids. We had a fun time, lots of laughter which is always nice. Then we got some school done. Morgan and I spent some time on the Mystery Class project that we are participating in. She's getting really good at figuring out photoperiods (day length) and graphing. We went out to dinner and then to the library. Morgan had her HP Club meeting tonight so the rest of us enjoyed some library time. Corey and Alex spent some time on the computer and I helped with some of the meeting...they are working on house games. And picked up a couple books for Morgan. She reads so much on her own during the day and we are always looking for new books. We've almost finished reading Heidi at bedtime.


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