March 13, 2007

Just another manic Monday...

Okay, it is another Monday but not so sure about the manic part. LOL! Alex is officially spot-free as far as we can tell. Both kids cooperated well and we got school done this morning without a fuss. It is so nice when that happens. We played Monopoly for an hour and then I headed off to the dentist for my root canal. My dentist thinks he is quite funny....I think he is more corny but to each his own. He did a good job. I had laughing gas for the first time. Now I just have to go back for the crown. Whee.

Morgan had her dance classes and is excited because they've learned more on their recital routines. I think they are almost done with the routines and the rest will be practice, practice, practice. While she was at dance class, Corey put together the frame for our raised garden and then we started digging out the grass. I also played baseball with Alex. He is doing really well keeping his eye on the ball and making contact. He got several hits while I was pitching to him.

Tomorrow evening Alex has his first soccer practice and Morgan has her HP Club so after dinner Corey and I will each take a kid and head out.


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