February 27, 2007

Playing catch up

I'm behind but there hasn't been anything too exciting going on so no big deal. Corey blogged while Morgan & I were out of town for the weekend so that takes care of the boys & their weekend. LOL! Friday morning Morgan & I headed over to GC's house at 6:30am. We wanted to leave town at 7am but we didn't get on the road until 7:55am. The trip to Jacksonville went smoothly. We made great time... 9 hours 15 minutes and got to see my grandmother when we arrived. Then the 3 of us went to dinner, went shopping (GC needed work clothes) and checked into the hotel. We got to bed about midnight and around 1:30am the room next to us went nuts with noise (they had just checked in). My mom ended up calling the front desk 4 times & finally when threatened with getting kicked out of the hotel they shut up. Mom finally got to sleep and by that time I was awake (previously had been sleeping through the neighbor noise). Saturday we visited with my grandmother and took her out for a ride around town & a nice lunch. Unfortunately her balance & equilibrium are GONE and she got carsick within a few minutes and we had to scratch those plans & get her back to the nursing home. We get her back and they tell us "Well, she's either carsick or she has this stomach epidemic that is going around...sooo many of them have it. Oh, make sure to wash your hands good." Oh gee thaaaaaaanks. So now we are paranoid about getting said bug and having to travel with it. Egads! We leave so grandma can nap and we go shopping and hang out in the hotel room. Morgan and I do pedicures and then we go to dinner and back to the nursing home to visit grandma again. She's feeling good, keeping stuff down & doesn't appear to have the bug, just plain ole carsick. Saturday night Morgan gives GC a pedicure and then we play cards,etc. The 3 of us have a meltdown from stress, frustration, and being so very tired. We moved past it and managed to get some good sleep. Sunday morning we pack up, get breakfast, head to the nursing home for final visit with grandma. We finally head out of Jacksonville at 1:45pm...with a minimum of 9 hours of driving ahead of us. There was a huge band of storms moving east covering from Alabama to north of TN...so we were expecting to be travelling in all of this. Thankfully the storms were moving east and we were heading northwest and we went through a small section and just had minimal rain to deal with. The trip back home still took longer and we finally got home about 11pm on Sunday night....exhausted!! There was much more to the trip but ugh...just can't go into all of it. Suffice it to say that none of us want to do it again, the trip is just difficult all around. My mom's back health, dealing with kids and a nursing home, hotels, and all the running around we have to do while there (getting diapers, and other items, labelling everything, delivering stuff to the nursing home or others that will take them up as needed,etc). You have to stay at the nursing home and visit for long periods of time to make the whole trip worth it and that is very difficult, especially with kids....even when we bring stuff for them to do. Anyway, I should stop complaining about it and move on.

So far this week things are going well. I'm needing a root canal (yuck) and am working on getting that scheduled. I talked to our counselor today about our "game plan". Morgan has some things to work on to help her with Alex. They were really good today, almost NO fighting (very minor) and we went to the library. Morgan is going to listen to Hoot on CD. Tomorrow we are going to homeschool park day. Morgan is dying to see her friends, Tayler and Autumn.

Ooh...I've lost 4 pounds without trying! I think it is my new medicine. One of the side effects is that it can decrease the appetite and both Corey and I have noticed that I'm eating less. I've noticed that I'm not hungry and I'm definitely feeling full sooner. So now I need to get on the ball and help it out. LOL!

Time to head to bed. I'm trying to get up earlier in the mornings.


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