March 3, 2007

Looong night

Alex and I had a looong night last night. He hasn't been himself for a couple days and has the beginnings of a cold coming on. He doesn't eat much to begin with but Thursday he ate less and on Friday he ate 1/2 bagel for breakfast and the remaining 1/2 after lunchtime and then fell asleep on the couch (something he NEVER does anymore). We had planned on meeting my mom, brother & his girlfriend for dinner. We are trying out local places and wanted to try out Loveless Cafe . Well, Alex wasn't waking up and we decided that if he was feeling icky enough to fall asleep on the couch then he was probably coming down with something that he didn't need to share with others and he wouldn't be a happy camper at a restaurant. So Corey stayed home with him and sent Morgan and I out to meet up the rest of the family for dinner. We went, dinner was okay, not sure we will go again. Far drive, not really worth the drive & price for what we all had. But you never know until you try.

On the way home Corey and Alex requested that we stop & pick up something for them and we did. Morgan headed off to bed and Alex stayed up eating (the 2 1/2 hour nap wasn't going to let him go to bed at normal time). He wasn't eating much despite requesting something special and claiming to be hungry so I asked if his throat hurt and he said it did a little and that his left ear hurt a little. We gave him some cold medicine & Tylenol before putting him to bed and he acted okay. About 1am he came into our bed shivering and then settled back down. He woke us up at 2am crying & holding his ear. We gave him more medicine and he settled down once again. At 4:45am he woke me up crying again & writhing around in our bed. Poor little man just had this horrible, heart-breaking sob. I tried getting him to put a warm relaxation pillow on his ear but he wouldn't have anything to do with it. I ended up calling our Pediatrician and she said to try the heat, give him some motrin and bring him into the office at 8:30am, they have urgent Saturday morning hours. She also said sitting up might help relieve the pressure. So, Alex and I snuggled up together in the rocker/recliner with the heated up relaxation pillow. We rocked and played I Spy in the dark and about 6:30am he asked to watch TV. He didn't want me near the left side of his head at all. We got to the office at 8:30am and was finished and back in the van by 9am. His throat was red and he has an ear infection. We got prescriptions for antibiotics and numbing ear drops. We dropped those off at the pharmacy, grabbed some donuts for breakfast & came home. He and I fell asleep in the living room and Corey & Morgan went to pick up the meds for him. We got everything in him, despite his crying & fighting me on the ear drops. Thankfully the drops are really helping..enough that he can relax. He's napping again on the couch. GC came and picked up Morgan to spend the night at her house. Corey has to work 2 change windows tonight so having Morgan at my mom's will help me be able to focus on Alex tonight. Hopefully by tomorrow the antibiotics will be working and he will start feeling better.


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