March 11, 2007

Slow, Sunny Sunday

Well, we sprang forward 3 weeks early without experiencing any problems. LOL Thankfully the time change preparations that Corey had to make at work went well and there were no problems. Yeah! He had to work a change window at 8pm last night and was prepared in case he got beeped during the night. Considering they had problems with this exact change last weekend & had to back it out it was a great relief to everyone involved.

Oh what a delicious day it was today! Sunny, 60's with a mild breeze...just perfect. We opened all the windows so we could enjoy it and air out the house. The kids played well and not so well depending on the moment. We've had some progress...they got into it while playing in Morgan's room and appeared to be on the regular disaster, drama course. When lo and behold partway through they started working out the problem. Yes....progress. FINALLY! Seriously though we are thrilled because up until now they have NOT been able to work out anything together. It is very nice to see.

Corey decided to make a trip to Lowe's today and came home with a bunch of yard work/gardening goodies. He got the lumber & such needed for our raised garden bed, along with 5 bags of soil for it. He got me a planter box to hang on the deck railing. He also got some veggie seeds, some asparagus plants and 2 grape plants. I'm not sure of the exact type but they are 2 year old plants. We shall see how things go. :-) He also found some stackable recycling bins. YES! This will make recycling much tidier for us.

The kids and I have been doing some reading....I finished The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold and have started Silent Treatment by Michael Palmer. Morgan is working on Hoot by Carl Hiaasen. She's read a couple of smaller books but really wants to finish this one so she can see the movie during movie night with her HP Club. Alex is working on The Orange Outlaw by Ron Roy (the "O" book in A to Z Mysteries). He is really enjoying these books along with his Guardians of Ga'Hoole series.

Corey and I watched Stranger than Fiction and enjoyed it. We have The Guardian to watch tonight. I'll let you know what I think of that one later.

Tomorrow I have to get a root canal but it is on a tooth that is bothering me so it is actually a welcomed procedure...if it weren't for the cost. Good grief how did this get to be so darn expensive. Ugh!! We have really good dental coverage and it is still going to cost a small fortune for a root canal & crown. :-( Blech.

Ooh, Alex's new soccer coach called and he has his first meeting/practice on Tuesday evening. And they have their first game at 9am on March 17th.


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