March 15, 2007

Our garden grows

We got the asparagus plants in the ground in our garden today. Yeah! We have a couple nights of freezing temps coming up so we haven't put anything else in the ground yet but we will within a few days. Morgan is also dying to plant some flowers. We got a flower box for our deck railing and she wants some pretty flowers in it.

I took the kids to Maury County park today. They have several play structures, one is called Kids Kingdom and is this HUGE wooden play area....with many towers, bridges, walkways, and all sorts of fun. It is fenced in its own area and the kids had a blast. I took some pictures of the kids while they were playing and I'll work on putting them up tomorrow or Saturday.

Behavior and attitude wise Alex had a very rough day and it was taxing on all of us. We even took an hour of quiet time but maaaaaan he doesn't get that concept at all! Something was going on for him and while he was driving us crazy and really getting us frustrated and upset with him, I felt bad for him. I wish I could get him to express himself better so I could understand what had him so upset and downright angry at the world today. It is difficult being a mom on days like today. Not for the reason you are thinking (misbehavior) but because I felt like a bad mom not knowing what to do to help him not be so angry.

Morgan had a little bit of a rough time at bedtime. She came downstairs a couple of times telling us she felt a tightening in her chest. She has had allergy symptoms the past couple of days but not today really. We've had the windows open & she's been outside a lot and the pollen count has been high (thus the allergy symptoms). So I listened to her chest with my stethoscope but didn't hear any wheezing. She used her inhaler but came down again saying it had happened a 3rd time. So this time we gave her a breathing treatment. It seems to have worked because she went to sleep without anymore trouble and Corey just checked on her and she's sleeping and breathing just wheezing.

Tomorrow Morgan and I will be heading over to GC's house to help her with some chores. Morgan will also work on some beading. GC and Morgan have become interested in beading. Tomorrow night I'll be going with both kids to movie night with the HP Club. And then on Saturday we will be busy in the morning with make-up dance classes and Alex's 1st spring soccer game. Then Saturday night we are having family night at our house so GC, Michael and Tish will be coming over.

Corey and I watched A Good Year tonight. It was a pretty good movie. I wasn't too keen on the music but enjoyed the story and the setting. We have Babel to watch but that will have to wait a couple nights.


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