March 18, 2007

Pictures and such

I put up some recent pictures of the kids on a photo page. The link is on the right side, click on Morgan & Alex in March. :-) You can see our little man with spots. LOL!

Yesterday Alex had his first soccer game of the spring '07 season. The game was scheduled at 9am and it was *COLD!* It was 36 degrees and the wind was blowing right into our faces as we watched. At least the kids were running around on the field so weren't too cold. They all had sweat pants & long sleeve shirts under their soccer uniforms too. Morgan had make-up dance class at 9am as well (from President's Day when they were off). It worked out just right though so I was able to get everyone where they needed to be and watch Alex's game. Morgan's classes lasted longer than the game so we could all go pick her up afterwards. Alex's coach this season seems really nice and pretty good. Alex was ready to play and did great. Wonderful after last season's start.

We had GC, Michael & Tish over for dinner and cards last night. We grilled out some chicken to help welcome in spring. The spring equinox is on Wednesday, March 21st, so we thought we'd start celebrating a little early. It was pretty chilly though. We had Michael & Tish bring the doggies so they could visit longer & we could visit the Bailey, Remy, Stoli and Abbie all came over too. They were very good. We had a nice time.

Corey had to work the 2am change window and they had some issues to work through so didn't finish up until almost 5am. He's dragging a little bit today. But we are going to take the kids up to the park when he's done with a meeting.

OOoh....have to share some good news and a proud spouse moment. Corey has been working his buns off with this new project at work. It is a biggie and a lot of future stuff hinges on it. Anyway, he's been working days & days in a row, weekend after weekend,etc. He just had his annual review and he got the highest rating he could get, a nice raise and a pay grade bump. WOOO HOOO!! Congratulations to Corey, my wonderful, hard-working husband!!


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