March 29, 2007

Wet Wednesday

Much to Morgan's dismay it rained all day today and we couldn't go to homeschool park day. She really wanted to see her friends and when there is inclimate weather we meet at a B&N near the park but that just doesn't work when you still have youngens. The teens can wander the mall but not the others. Alex does NOT do well and what is the point in going if there isn't a place to play and Mommy can't talk with the other Moms because she is trying to keep the kids from killing each other or pulling all the books off the shelf, etc. So we did school work and had plenty of play time. We also decided to make up a daily schedule (our counselor's suggestion) and I hope this will help all of us some. Alex did a page of his math workbook completely on his own with NO prodding from me! I knew he got his book but the next thing I know he is telling me he finished a page. I praised him quite a bit for focusing on his page & completing it without any word from Mom. This is a biggie for him. The good thing about all the rain is that we don't have to water the garden....Mother Nature took care of it for us today. Yea! With all of this warm weather the trees have started budding...well, add today's rain and we have GREEN everywhere! Our huge tree in the backyard still looked "dead" from winter. We saw a minimal amount of leaf buds at the very top but that was little green bits everywhere. Our smaller tree had green leaves at the very top, and tiny leaf buds all exploded with little green leaves all over. And our almost brown grass (and weeds) are all green. It is just amazing how quickly it all happens. Isn't nature wonderful? Spring has brought forth new life once again.

In the past couple of days we've hung some more pictures in the master bathroom. They are 2 that GC and I bought while in Jacksonville. I picked out one and she picked out the other...a set of 2. After she realized they were a set (but sold seperately) she insisted that we have both of them for our bathroom. I also caulked over the shower (it needed it). We had some leftover from when we replaced the french doors so we used that. Well, apparently some of it hardened in the tip, despite using something to prevent that, and when we used the caulking gun it went too far and we exploded the back of the caulk tube. LOL! We had none coming out the tip and then suddenly this white goo coming out the back. How delightful. So there I am standing on the edge of the tub, using the left hand to scoop goo out of the caulking gun that Corey is holding and then using the fingers on my right hand to spread it along the top edge of the shower wall (one piece tub/shower). It was a sight to see, I tell ya. Morgan's dance classes went well and she has next Monday off for Spring Break. I asked at the dance studio if they knew of any places that had boy classes like tumbling,etc. They told me of a place just a couple blocks away and so I went to check them out. They are Discovery Gymnastics and they have tumbling classes for little boys. The price isn't bad and the first class is free so we are going to let him try them out. Alex had soccer practice on Tuesday and has another game on Saturday.

Corey has tomorrow off as his comp day for having pager duty last week. We aren't sure yet what all we will do but it will be nice to have the day to do stuff. On Friday, GC is off and we will be having a girls day out. Should be fun.

I realized today that Alex, my sweet baby boy, will be *6* three weeks from today...21 days! How can this be?? Where has the time gone? He still has some seriously snuggly moments so I just try to enjoy them while they last. Thankfully I don't feel he is growing up, read maturing, as quickly as Miss Morgan did.


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