March 21, 2007

Happy Ostara!!

That is the Spring Equinox or First Day of Spring for anyone that doesn't know. :-) It was a gorgeous day today... sunny, warm but with a beautiful breeze that sometimes turned downright windy. We took delight in the beginnings of our garden, the birds and bunnies that we've seen return to our yard, and all the color popping out all over as proof that life indeed returns after the "death" of winter. We have a tree in the backyard that is just about to burst has these extremely purple buds all over it. I don't know what kind it is, I'm working on researching that. Corey has started some watering and will need to start mowing the yard soon. The grass isn't really growing much yet but man the weeds are. LOL! The weeds around here are actually mild onions and look like chives or small green onions growing all over the yard. And when you pull them or cut them (like with the mower) you can smell onion all over.


That is what we have at our house tonight. Morgan is having her 2 best friends spend the night. We all met up at park day and when we left we brought the girls home with us. They get along so well, her friends are sisters that are 10 and 9 and then Morgan is 8. They are like 3 peas in a pod. Morgan is 9 months younger than the 9yo so I tease their mom that Morgan could be her's too. LOL! Alex loves it when the girls come over but he pesters them like crazy. He just loves Tayler (the 10yo) and claims he wants to marry her but drives her nuts. Typical little brother.

I got all my mom's sewing repairs done and dropped everything off at her house. Not much else got done today but that's okay..that is how Wednesdays usually are. :-)


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