March 25, 2007

I did it!

Of course... LOL! :-) For anyone that doesn't know what I am referring to, I participated in World Shutdown Day yesterday. I actually did it longer than the 24 hours so I'm proud of myself. I knew I could do it and it wasn't difficult at all. I was going to go all weekend but decided I wanted to post a blog.

On Friday I took the kids to the library and we all got books. I started Family Tree by Barbara Delinsky while the kids had some library computer time. Then we took Alex to get a *much* needed hair cut. He looks just too cute now. We enjoyed some chinese food for lunch (sesame chicken & roast pork lo mein). Yum! Friday after dinner Morgan and I went to her HP Club movie night. They were showing Hoot. A couple of other mom's were there so I ended up chatting with them instead of watching the movie. The Children's Librarian has pulled her daughter out of school and is hs'ing her now. Cool! So the 3 of us, all hs'ing moms, enjoyed some nice mom chat time. Morgan was a little miffed at me for not watching the movie so I'll have to rent it and watch it with her. She really liked it. After we got her into bed, Corey and I watched The Prestige. It was good but I had a hard time following the characters.

On Saturday, Corey mowed the yard and I did a lot of reading. Alex had soccer pictures and a soccer game so that took up our early afternoon. He's doing great and really enjoying himself. It is very warm for this time of year and with there being no shade at the soccer fields it was pretty darn hot. After we got home we decided that we had to turn on the a/c. Such a bummer to have to turn it on so early but it was so warm & there was no breeze to come through the windows. We met up with GC for dinner at Zaxby's and then came back here for ice cream sundaes.

Today we planted our veggie seeds... beans, carrots, cucumbers, onions, green peppers, summer squash and corn. Now we just need to find a place for the sunflower seeds and find something to plant in our deck planter. :-) The kids helped and played in the sprinkler. The cool water felt good when I got close enough to stick my feet in it. Hmm....I think we need a pool. ;-) I finished my book. Woo!


At 8:36 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

congrats on "shutting it down" for even more than the 24 hour period! sounds like you had a great time away from the computer.

Did you find it difficult or was it surprisingly easy?

At 11:02 AM, Blogger Kelly said...

I actually found it surprisingly easy, although I have gone 24 hours or more without the computer before. I think most days I log on without thinking about it.

At 10:50 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

sweet, glad to hear it was a pleasing experience...and easier than ya thought.

I'm with ya though, most days I still have to remember to AT LEAST hibernate this bad boy while I'm away. Too many years of just getting up and walking away without thinking of the energy it was sucking up just sitting there...


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