April 5, 2007

Confused Mother Nature!

Apparently Mother Nature is confused as to what season it is supposed to be. We had some nice spring weather that didn't last nearly long enough. We then had a bunch of days that got as high as the mid-80's...and this started before April 1st! Yesterday (Tues) it was in the mid-80's and today it barely got to the mid-50's and tonight it is supposed to be 32. LOL! Sat & Sun nights the forecast is for 27-29. Our poor little garden that just started sprouting. We are going to cover everything at night and hope for the best.

Tuesday morning we went to the library and had a nice chat with our friend the head Children's Librarian about books, homeschooling, and the HP Club (she heads it). We then stopped by GC's house to see my brother. He was working on her yard some. We got to have a quick visit with Remy (his Pomeranian) too. Then we headed over to the park to meet some new homeschoolers. A new inclusive group was started up closer to us and we are excited and hopeful. We love our friends at our Wed park day and won't be giving that up...we would miss them too much. But are looking forward to making even more friends and having an option for some closer-to-home stuff too. Alex played with a 7yo boy and Morgan played with several girls between 7-10 and I got to talk to 5 other homeschooling moms. So it was all good...for an hour anyway. Then the sky opened up and the stormfront officially arrived. We look forward to more time next week. Morgan and I worked on several vocabulary sheets. The storm was a good one and we even were on tornado watch for several hours...our first since we moved.

We woke this morning to find a neighbor's tree down in our yard. They have these trees with long, skinny branches that start close to the ground & grow almost straight up...have no clue what they are. Well, one broke less than a foot from the ground (9-10 ft tall) and fell into our yard. It missed hitting anything so no damage. We headed for the park for our Wed group up in Nashville. We saw lots of friends and the temps were wonderful. Alex brought 1/2 the sand in the playground home with him in his shoes. LOL! Corey had to work for a couple hours tonight but luckily it was a fairly quick and painless change.

I finished The Fifth Horseman by James Patterson earlier today. Good book. It is from the Women's Murder Club series. Love those books. Must get back to the library for more reading material.


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