April 2, 2007

Monday, Monday

Today was organic co-op delivery day so the kids and I didn't do a whole lot this morning. Alex and I played some cards, we all had breakfast, the kids played some cards and then we headed out. After the delivery we came home and watered the garden and checked on Morgan's flowers. We also made some World's Best Bubbles mix from The Ultimate Book of Kid Concoctions . Morgan made Tornado in a Bottle from the same book. We had fun blowing bubbles out off the deck. Alex had fun trying to catch & pop them from the yard below and then came back up and took his turn blowing a bunch of bubbles. On the way inside I slid my foot on the deck (not smart...I was barefoot) and got a splinter. It came right out and we put peroxide and antibiotic ointment on it. It didn't hurt at the time but does now.

Corey and I just watched Children of Men. He thought it was okay, not mind blowing, moved slow and didn't keep his attention. I thought the message of the movie was a good one and is making me think. The point of the whole movie in my opinion. :-) Here is a quote that said a lot to me...said by a character that is a midwife, "As the sound of the playgrounds faded, the despair set in. Very odd, what happens in a world without children's voices. " I must say Michael Caine's character in the movie was HILARIOUS! What can I say but "Pull my finger". You gotta see the movie. ;-)

Tomorrow, if the weather is good, the kids and I are heading up to a park to meet some more homeschoolers. We are trying to meet some closer to us. I hope the weather holds out. We are going to the library in the morning...we are all done with our books and need more reading material. Book hounds! That's us.

We've had temps in the 80's for several days now. Wednesday the temps are supposed to drop for about a week or so. I can't wait....just hope they don't go too far so our baby green garden continues to do well.


At 7:49 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

That movie is next in my queue at Netflix (as soon as I sent Happy Feet back!) and I've really been looking forward to seeing it (that and Blood Diamond as well)
Sort of nice here too, until tonight when the cold comes in.. then we have 5 days of cold, rain and SNOW! Blech!


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