April 1, 2007


On Friday, Morgan and I had plans to meet up with GC for a girls day out. Then Morgan was going to her friends' house for a sleepover. Well, Friday morning GC decided to start the weekend with a bang...literally. Her foot slid while she was in the shower, causing her to fall out of the shower and face plant on the bathroom floor. Thank goodness she doesn't have tile floors here like she did in Ft. Lauderdale. After a lot of bleeding and time to realize that nothing like her knees or back were hurt she was able to get up. Her nose was what was bleeding & it hurt. She went to her doctor appointment as scheduled and he checked everything for her....result - broken nose. With her artificial knees and back issues we are so very thankful that she didn't hurt anything else...this could have been really serious. She felt okay as long as she didn't bump it so we went about our day out. We went to The Factory and had lunch at Stoveworks Restaurant and visited The Fairy Grotto , Third Coast Clay and Elite Pet Boutique. We had a really nice time out. Then we headed to meet up with Morgan's friends. After handing over Morgan, GC and I went to Joann's and did some more shopping. Hey...kid-free time does *not* come often for me so I must enjoy it while I can. We got some spring & Easter stuff, and I got some fabric for some shorts for both kids and a sundress for Morgan. :-) Woo! LOL! Later we met up with Corey and Alex for dinner. Alex got to have a lot of extra attention from mom, dad and GC. Alex also got to stay up late and watch Stuart Little.

Morgan was with her friends until Saturday afternoon. She got to go to their soccer game before coming home. GC had to work Saturday so she was able to meet up in Nashville (she works there and friends live up there) to pick up Morgan. Then GC and Morgan did some shopping. Alex had a soccer game at 2pm and it was great. The temperature was perfect, there was a nice breeze and the game was a good one. Alex scored a goal and is following the action and getting in there more. Several teammates scored goals and all of us parents were chatting, watching & cheering them on. This season seems more "fun". We really liked his first coach but none of the parents really talked or anything. This season the parents all seem to chat with each other, we know the names of all the boys on the team and everyone is taking turns bringing a snack & drink. Several of the dads are very involved and help out during practice and really encourage all the boys. No big competition stuff (we saw some last season...with 5 year olds...give me a break). We got some more yard work done. Mom is feeling better and her nose is doing okay...just a bruise over the bridge.

We have growth in our garden!! I see little green sprouts where we planted corn, beans, carrots, cukes, onions, and summer squash. I'm hoping it continues! Nice to know we have helped bring forth plant life. Our trees and such are just popping with new green leaves too.

Saturday night Corey had to work three change windows. Egads!! I got the kids to bed and then he worked out in the living room and we watched The Pursuit of Happyness. Such a good movie. We really enjoyed it. Tonight we will be watching Children of Men. For now we are all just relaxing, enjoying the sunny & breezy day. Seeing the new life sprouting in our garden. We will be going to the grocery store at some point today but that is the only "must do" thing. LOL!


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