April 6, 2007


Yes, you read that correctly. Glance back up and look at the date and then think about what I've typed here. We had *snow* today. LOL! On Tuesday it was 88 and today it was cold enough to snow. Who would have thought? Not I, that is for sure.

We are covering our garden and hoping that all our little baby green shoots make it. During the heat of the day today (ok, as warm as it got...48) we watered it.

Tomorrow Alex has a birthday party to attend at the local movie theatre. Then we are heading into Nashville to visit with my aunt and cousin. My aunt lives in Nashville and my cousin is up visiting from Atlanta. At some point we will also be meeting up with my brother. The kids will color eggs later in the day. Then on Sunday we will be having a nice dinner at my brother's house and the kids will get to hunt for eggs. It will still be cold but they will love it.

Corey and I are watching Volver. So far odd, I'll let you know more later.


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