April 10, 2007

Dance Recital Date

We have a date! The date of Morgan's dance recital performance that is. She will be performing on Friday, June 1st. We got the dates for pictures, dress rehearsal & performance yesterday so we are happy. Now if I can just figure out if the line up for the performance is correct. It lists all 3 of her dances one after the other. There is no way! All the girls in her ballet class are in her tap class and all but 1 are in her jazz class. They can't all be off-stage & changing costumes at the same time. LOL! The audience will just be sitting there twiddling their thumbs. ;-) So, I'll have to ask some questions to get this figured out.

Both kids did great with school work yesterday and we had a lot of fun with science. We did a lab on the 5 senses and of course they had to find things for mommy to taste or smell. LOL!

Today we had a relaxed morning and then headed out to the park for homeschool park day. 5 of us were there from last week and there were 2 new families. One family lives a little further south than we do and Alex played wonderfully with the little girl. So we talked about getting together here in Columbia some. I swear the kids spent most of the park time complaining to me (Morgan complaining about Alex) and Alex being a little PITA. He kept it up for the ride home and got worse as we walked in the door. I turned around and left so I could take a minute to cool off. When I got back a few minutes we were all behaving much better.

We usually have another park day up in Nashville on Wednesdays but the weather forecast is thunderstorms from tonight until tomorrow night so I doubt it will happen.

I've joined myspace.com but don't have anything on my page yet...not even a picture or background so I'll let you know when that is all set up. LOL!


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