April 15, 2007

Wet, Wet Weekend

Oh boy...it has rained, rained and rained some more. The wind has been blowing like crazy too. There have been a few times I thought for sure our trees were going to be bald again. All-in-all though, after looking at the national weather reports, we got off easy. No flooding, no tornadoes, no near-hurricane force winds,etc.

Saturday Morgan and I went to watch the Mule parade. Alex kept going back & forth on whether he wanted to go or not and then wouldn't get dressed or turn off a video game...so Corey stayed home with him. It was chilly & wet and the wind was really blowing so it is probably for the best. We found a place to park easily enough, I think the weather kept many people away. It was really neat seeing all the mules, covered wagons, horses,etc. After the parade we headed home to help the guys make a menu and grocery list for this 2 week cycle. Then we headed out to lunch and grocery shopping. After getting everything put away, Alex and I headed up to GC's house to do some cleaning fairy work. LOL! Alex brought a movie and a snack but also helped out. He did a good job cleaning her hardwood floors and helping himself to some Peeps. ;-) He also helped me get the sheets off one of the beds. He kept GC entertained too. He got to stay up late because we were at her house so long. Corey and I watched Freedomland after getting the kids to bed. We both thought it was a good movie. I had the whole "surprise" figured out...just not the exact method.

Today we were going to meet my brother and Tish at Mule Day but it was raining...and even *snowing* at various times that everyone was packing up early and there was nothing to see. So Corey and I decided to take the kids bowling. They did really well. We had a bumper lane and Alex used the kiddie ramp. Morgan hasn't been bowling since we were in Poughkeepsie so she was trying to just get the swing down pat. Both kids want to join the homeschool bowling league for the summer so that should be fun. Corey and I didn't do too bad considering how long it has been since we bowled. LOL! I actually got a strike or two and Corey even more...so woo hoo.

Tomorrow I get the pleasure of heading back to the dentist to work on getting my crowns. Whee! ;-) Nah, seriously it isn't bad, he's nice and I'll be glad to have it all fixed.


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